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Message me, move towards your business and healthier lifestyle using business Coaching/Consulting and Wellness - 10X Coaching.

Personally growing my business and in my health, I have released 26 pounds.  I feel energized, look better and am happier!  Let me share my success with you, so you too can achieve your goal.

Take Action Now, to get support - you don't have to do it alone.  My clients are busy; I hold them accountable for creating wellness, vitality and fitness as a priority.  Wellness is achievable no matter your age!

Telephone: 905 869 8955 9 am -7 pm, (or email for an online appointment.  Evening and weekend appointments are available)

  • As your thinking partner I will assist you in getting clarity, and the resources you need, empowering you to be your Best Self and to achieve the goals you desire.
  • I believe you're worthy of the Business, Love, Health and Happiness you want.
  • Create a Wellness plan to energize your Golden Years.
  • Discuss a 15-minute training schedule (2 x a week) to feel vibrant and energized with long-term health benefits.
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