In life, new or rejuvenating relationships, break-ups, divorce and changes at work take focus. I provide clients in overcoming overwhelmed and chaotic feelings that can be intense or painful with support.

Your well-being affects everything: focus, performance, teams, longevity and creating your desired outcomes.

I work with you to achieve your goals and balance your lifestyle through transitions.

As a Consultant, I assist you with business and as Coach helping you to break through barriers and reap those rewards you desire in your often challenging environment.

As a thinking partner and motivator, I work with you toward those outcomes, supporting you on the Journey.

Teamwork and getting the right support make all the difference and can be important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle during challenging transitions.

In the field

Find out how my coaching with the Positive Intelligence® app, science, and research can offer you support 24/7. Contact me by email: [email protected]

Your well-being and mental and physical fitness are important. As Co-author and Holistic Coach, I want to empower you to have the support and transformation to achieve your goals. My book Total Health for Extraordinary Living is scheduled to be published in February 2023.


Karen Stanton is a Holistic Coach guiding you through Life Transitions at work or in your relationships. Major in Psychology B.A. from the University of Waterloo and an Ordained Minister.  Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Intelligence® MER and Certified Divorce Coaching.  10X your mental and physical fitness for lifestyle balance. Finance Officer and Business Services Analyst for 20 years, she is a Certified Business Coach.  As a personal development professional, Karen empowers others to be their best and live balanced lifestyles with healthy relationships providing support and motivation as a Coach/Consultant.  Co-author of Total Health for Extraordinary Living, published February 2023.