Transformation Coach

I assist clients in overcoming overwhelmed and chaotic feelings that can be intense or painful; you deserve support.

Your well-being affects everything: focus, performance at work, your teams, longevity and creating your desired outcomes.

I work with you to achieve your goals and healthy balance in your lifestyle through challenging transitions.

As a Consultant, I assist you with business and as a Coach, I help you to break through barriers and reap those rewards you desire in your often challenging environment.

As a thinking partner and motivator, I work with you toward those outcomes, supporting you on the Journey.

Teamwork and getting the right support make all the difference and can be important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle during challenging transitions.

In the field

Find out how my coaching with the Positive Intelligence® app, science, and research can offer you support 24/7. Contact me by email: [email protected]

Your well-being and mental and physical fitness are important. As an international best-seller Co-author and Coach, I want to empower you to have the support and transformation to achieve your goals.


Karen Stanton is a Holistic Coach guiding you through Life Transitions at work or in your relationships. Majored in Psychology, a B.A. from the University of Waterloo and an Ordained Minister.  Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Intelligence® MER and Certified Divorce Coaching.  10X your mental and physical fitness for lifestyle balance. 

Karen served as a Finance Officer and Business Services Analyst for 20 years; and is a Certified Business Coach.  As a personal development professional, Karen empowers others to be their best and live a balanced lifestyle with healthy relationships; providing support and motivation as a Coach/Consultant.